FibreGold Dairy Complete

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Our FibreGold Dairy Complete is a complete feed for dairy cows. A combination of meal and fibre with a balanced mix of soluble sugars and fibre for optimum rumen development and the generation of essential volatile fatty acids.


By feeding your cows a total mixed ration (TMR), farmers can be assured that their animals are receiving the correct balance daily. With such consistency, you can be assured you will see improvements in milk yield, animal health and herd performance.

The straw used in FibreGold Dairy Ration contains fibres which stimulate rumination, allowing absorption of energy, maximising your herds performance.

Why use FibreGold Dairy Complete:

  • 14% Crude Protein with high energy
  • Designed to be palatable for cows
  • Includes Acid Buf, improving rumen functioning
  • Rumination is encouraged, maximising feed conversion efficiency
  • Consistency of ration reduces chances of ketosis or acidosis
  • Includes a premium mineral package to maintain body condition score
  • Formulated using a high level of maize meal and rolled barley

Mixed to ensure a consistent ration every bite

Packaging Information

Available in bulk directly from the yard. Half tonne bags, Loose or in round wrapped bales.


Soya Bean Meal*, Rolled Barley, Straw Pellets, Wheaten Straw, Soya Hulls*, Molasses, Beet Pulp.