Combine Harvesting

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Willie John Kehoe

Willie John Kehoe

Willie John takes charge of harvesting the grain crops. He operates the John Deere T660 and the John Deere 9780i combines. Our tractor operators then draw the grain with both our Claas and John Deere tractors. Grain can be tested for moisture and bushel weight in our offices. We map your fields to provide you with accurate information which may be used for future crops decisions. We can offer customers both square and round bales options. We use a Krone Comprima combi baler and a Kuhn RB160 combi baler and for square bales (8x4x3) we have the John Deere 1434 and the Kuhn 2190 baler.
We cut cereal crops on our own farm alongside our contracting business. Our own grain is stored and used for animal feed as part of our FibreGold range. The straw is used to make KosiBed Bedding.