Complimentary Feedingstuff for Milking Cows.

ANLYTICAL CONSITITUENTS; Crude Protein 18%, Crude Oil and Fats 3%, Crude Fibre 8.7%,

Crude Ash 9.7%, Magnesium .8%, Sodium .42%

COMPOSITION; Barley, Maize Gluten Feed**,Rape Seed Meal, Distillers Dried Grains, Maize**, 

Soya(bean) Hulls*, Molasses(cane), Calcium Carbonate, Magnesium Oxide, Sodium Chloride,

*Produced from genetically modified soyabeans. **Produced from genetically modified maize.

ADDITIVES (PER KG)Vitamins; E672 Vitamin A 8000iu. E671 Vitamin D3 2000iu. Vitamin E – Alphatocopherol 5mg.

Compounds of Trace Elements; Calcium iodate anhydrous 13.38mg, (E2 Iodine 8.5mg), Cobaltous carbonate

monohydrate 30mg, (E3 Cobalt 1.5mg), Curpric sulphate pentahydrate 200mg, (E4 Copper 50mg),

Manganous oxide 48.4mg, (E5 Manganese 30mg), Zinc oxide 139mg, (E6 Zinc 100mg),

Soidum selenite 15.2mg , (E8 Selenium .7mg)


Complimentary Feedingstuff to be fed in conjunction with forage and water. Feeding rate should not exceed

8kg per head per day. This ration should not be fed to cattle in areas of elevated Selenium Status.

The equivelant of 57g (2oz) of CalcinedMagnesite is contained in 4kg of ration. Approval No. IELK000220