With bad weather and plenty of rain forecast for next week, now is the time to plan ahead for your bedding and feed. With grass growth having slowed down, cows could be coming in this week. Time to think about Kosibed cubicle bedding, to ensure your cows are kept clean and dry.

KosiBed Cubicle bedding is suitable for both dairy and suckle cows. It is a high quality, dust free, chopped straw bedding with added lime. It easily sweeps away with automatic scrapers. Our KosiBed livestock bedding is free from pathogens, ideal for ideal for all livestock including poultry and pets.

Trying to get that bit longer out grazing?

Try our FibreGold Dairy Extender ration to get that couple of days extra out of that rotation. With its mix of meal and fibre, it will increase your dry matter intake as the grass gets wetter.


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See below our 14-day forecast of what we have coming our direction.Weather

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