FibreGold Horse Complete

Fibre is the most important part of a horse’s diet.

If the correct forage is not given to a horse, it may cause stomach upsets or other health problems. By providing the correct supply of forages to your horse, you are improving gut health and helping to maintain body weight and condition. Health issues may start to occur if the amount of forage given is not adequate or the quality of the forage is not good enough.


A horse should have a minimum of 1.5% of their body weight in dry matter daily. This includes grass they may be grazing alongside any haylage or hay you may be providing for your horse. It can also be given in the form of fibre-based rations. These mixes often include alfalfa, hay and straw.

FibreGold Horse Complete ensures your horse gets an adequate mix of proteins and fibres with the addition of a garlic herb to improve respiratory problems and encourage the fussy eater. By mixing fibres such as hay, alfalfa and straw with the coarse ration, it also slows down the horses eating time allowing more time for digestion to occur. As alfalfa works as a great buffer in the stomach, it regulates the amount of acid in to digestive system, limiting the upset of stomach ulcers and maintaining a healthy gut. The addition of soya oil helps maintain coat shine.

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