KosiBed Straw Pellets

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KosiBed straw pellets are made from wheaten straw and compacted into pellet for ease of use and handling. This very absorbent bedding is quick and easy to both spread and muck out.

Why use KosiBed Straw Pellets:

  • Super-efficient as very little needs to be removed each day
  • Suited to all bedding types, especially deep bedding
  • Offers cosy, comfortable bedding for your horses.
  • Rivals sawdust in absorbency.
  • Creates a hygienic, natural environment for your animals.
  • Cost effective.
  • Breaks down exceptionally well in the dung heap.
  • Waste bedding creates great compost


KosiBed allows horse owners the ability to use a natural, traditional method of bedding their horse or pony with the knowledge that the product is dust free and consistent unlike traditional straw bedding in the past. KosiBed horse & pony bedding is cost effective, convenient and clean to use.

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Packaging Information

Available in handy 20 kg or 25kg bags for clean transport and safe storage.

Maximum 75 bags per pallet