Straw is often added to the diet of dairy cows for many reasons. It increases fibre content while slowing down the rate of digestion allowing continued absorption of nutrients. Rumination is stimulated by the straw promoting a scratch factor effect in the rumen. It also reduces the chance of ph fluctuating in the stomach, limiting the chances of acidosis. When straw is fed to dry cows it increases rumen fill, reducing the incidents of stomach upsets including displaced abomasum after calving.

Straw must be chopped as short as possible when being fed as part of a TMR (Total Mixed Ration). Finely chopped straw allows for even mixing in the diet feeder and reduces the chances of separation when putting out the feed. It also ensures the cow is eating a consistent ration and not sorting through the feed in the trough. Cows often sort the feed to avoid long fibres as they are not as palatable as grains or proteins.

We have now launched our new DIET FEEDER READY CHOPPED STRAW bales for sale. These bales ensure peace of mind that the straw is chopped fine enough. These are made into 3ft, 100kg round bales. This means straw can be added to the diet feeder last, saving time daily and the wear and tear on your diet feeder.

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