With heavy rain, up to 50mm in one night, land is very wet and grass quality is poor. It is time to considering housing cows for the winter period. Some cows are now in at night buffering feeding on silage. The cleanliness of the cubicle shed is a high priority in the fight against mastitis and high cell count. With cows milking off cubicles, a clean hygienic bed is required to minimise the chances of a spike in infection when cows come in. Walk-ways should be kept clean, to limit how much dung is carried on the animals feet, up onto the bed. Cubicles should be scraped or brushed clean daily and kept dry to reduce the risk of bacteria spreading from the cubicle bed to the cow.

A hygienic bedding, such as KosiBed Livestock Bedding,

Cubicle bedding

Cubicle bedding

should be applied to the cubicle to keep it dry and bacteria free. Applying the bedding half ways up the cubicle, reduces the moisture on the bed making it difficult for pathogens to survive. It creates a more comfortable, virtually duct free bed for your cows. KosiBed livestock bedding is suitable for use with automatic scrapers and agitating slurry in slats. It is available from our yard or nationwide delivery in easy to handle 75 lt bags.


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