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    FibreGold Calf and Yearling 16%

    Calf & Yearling should be introduced into the diet once the animals are comfortable at grass. The ration will capitalise on the excellent early rumen development already underway by the feeding our FibreGold Calf Starter and will ensure that FibreGold fed calves will go on to reach their full potential.

    Why use Calf & Yearling Fibre Plus 16%:

    • 16% Crude Protein with high energy
    • Designed to be …
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    FibreGold Custom Rations

    At Kehoe Farming we can formulate a ration to suit your needs. We have a range of ingredients in our stores. Rations can be made using cereals, proteins and forages, to formulate a complimentary or complete feed.

    Please call our office and one of our team will be happy to call to see your animals and develop a ration to suit.

    Our …

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    FibreGold Beef 14%

    FibreGold Beef 14% is a general-purpose beef ration. The mix is designed to be fed alongside forage. FibreGold Beef 14% is often fed to compliment low protein levels in silage or grass shortages during the summer.

    Why use FibreGold Beef 14%:

    • Crude Protein of 14%
    • Designed to promote growth and performance in young stock
    • Suitable for feeding at grass or as …