FibreGold Calf and Yearling 16%

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Calf & Yearling should be introduced into the diet once the animals are comfortable at grass. The ration will capitalise on the excellent early rumen development already underway by the feeding our FibreGold Calf Starter and will ensure that FibreGold fed calves will go on to reach their full potential.

Why use Calf & Yearling Fibre Plus 16%:

  • 16% Crude Protein with high energy
  • Designed to be palatable for calves to give optimal performance to for young growing stock
  • Suitable for feeding at grass or as a supplement to grass silage
  • Includes a premium mineral package to help maximise growth
  • Includes Acid Buf, improving rumen functioning
  • Formulated using a high level of cooked flaked maize and rolled barley
  • Balanced with soya bean to help promote high growth rates
  • Good follow on ration from FibreGold Calf Starter
  • Enhanced texture to promote palatability
  • Can be fed from 8 weeks of age


A complimentary feed in conjunction with forage. Feed up to 2.5 Kg daily per 100 Kg bodyweight.  Ensure animals always have access to clean drinking water.
Do not feed to sheep.

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Flaked Maize**, 28% Balancer Nut, Rolled Barley, , Molasses, Beef Nut 13%, Soya Bean Meal*, Maize Meal**, Mineral Pack.

*Produced from genetically modified soyabeans **Produced from genetically modified maize

Packaging Information

Available in handy 25kg bags for clean transport and safe storage.

Maximum 70 bags per pallet. Also available in bulk direct from our yard.