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    FibreGold Custom Rations

    At Kehoe Farming we can formulate a ration to suit your needs. We have a range of ingredients in our stores. Rations can be made using cereals, proteins and forages, to formulate a complimentary or complete feed.

    Please call our office and one of our team will be happy to call to see your animals and develop a ration to suit.

    Our …

  • Farm Products , Feedstuffs

    FibreGold Dairy Nuts

    Our FibreGold Dairy Nuts are a pellet designed for dairy high yield dairy cows. Developed to increase yield, protein and butterfat in lactating cows at grass.

  • Farm Products , Feedstuffs

    FibreGold Dairy Complete

    Our FibreGold Dairy Complete is a complete feed for dairy cows. A combination of meal and fibre with a balanced mix of soluble sugars and fibre for optimum rumen development and the generation of essential volatile fatty acids.