FibreGold Dairy Nuts

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Our FibreGold Dairy Nuts are a pellet designed for dairy high yield dairy cows. Developed to increase yield, protein and butterfat in lactating cows at grass.


Why use FibreGold Dairy Nuts:

  • Available with both 14% and 18% protein
  • Highly palatable for cows
  • Maximises feed conversion efficiency
  • Contain digestible fibre to reduce risk of acidosis
  • Includes a premium mineral package to maintain body condition score
  • Mixed to ensure a consistent ration every bite


Maize Meal**, Maize Gluten**, Rolled Barley, Distillers Grains, Soya Bean Meal*, Soya Hulls*, Rape Seed Meal, Molasses.

*Produced from genetically modified soyabeans **Produced from genetically modified maize

Packaging Information

Available in bulk directly from the yard. Half tonne bags or loose, can be blown into silos.