KosiBed Barley

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Kosibed Barley, a very soft traditional bed, that is naturally strong and warm. It is a convenient alternative to traditional horse bedding materials e.g. wood shavings

Why use KosiBed Barley:

  • Our straw is grown especially for KosiBed; therefore, quality is guaranteed.
  • Dust extracted, reducing breathing problems in horses.
  • Offers cosy, comfortable bedding for your livestock.
  • Rivals sawdust in absorbency.
  • Creates a hygienic, virtually dust free, natural environment for your livestock.
  • Cost effective.
  • Breaks down exceptionally well in the dung heap.
  • Does not affect slurry mixing or spreading.


KosiBed Barley is manufactured from top quality barley straw grown by Kehoe Farming to create warm and comfortable bedding environment for your horse.

KosiBed allows horse owners the ability to use a natural, traditional method of bedding their horse or pony with the knowledge that the product is dust free and consistent unlike traditional straw bedding in the past. KosiBed horse & pony bedding is cost effective, convenient and clean to use.

Rivalling shavings for absorbency, KosiBed Barley is made from barley which is grown for its straw. This is put through a rigorous quality control process from seed to harvest, before being chopped, milled and finally dust extracted to promote a healthy, safe environment for your horse.

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