FibreGold Haylage

5.95 per bag

Kehoe Farming Haylage is a dust free forage, suitable for eventing, dressage, show jumping horses.

Advantages of Using Haylage:
• Dust-free – ideal for horses with dust allergies.
• A natural alternative to hay. It is highly palatable.
• Minimal losses of horse feed when fed.
• Every bag guaranteed – batch numbered for traceability.
• Our unique packaging offers long shelf life with no waste and no mess.
• Cost effective – feeding Haylage means you can reduce your feed bill.
• Weather resistant packaging – can be stored outdoors out of direct sunlight.
• A one-stop feeding solution – ideal for all performance sport horses and ponies.
• With two haylage products on offer, a first and second cut, our products is the right choice for all types of horses


Maximum bales per pallet is 56.


Haylage is highly palatable mature grass, harvested at its nutritional best. It is cut at a higher moisture content than hay. Kehoe Farming uses a unique process to store the grass in anaerobic conditions and natural fermentation takes place in the bag aiding preservation of nutrients. This helps to maintain lower levels of protein, while supplying the optimum level of carbohydrates and vitamins and minimising harmful dusts and moulds associated with poor quality hay.
Our haylage is fully tested by the Irish Equine Centre for extra peace of mind, however, as haylage is a live product, customers should contact us immediately, should they have queries regarding quality.
Packaging Information: Our Haylage comes in 75 litre, easy to handle double vacuum-sealed bags to ensure continued stability in storage.

Additional information

Weight 17 kg

Nutritional Analysis

As sampled 11/02/2021 Rye Grass Haylage
Moisture 26.4%
Dry Matter 73.6%
Crude Protein (DM) 10.3%