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  • Equine Products , Feedstuffs

    FibreGold Haylage

    Kehoe Farming Haylage is a dust free forage, suitable for eventing, dressage, show jumping horses.

    Advantages of Using Haylage:
    • Dust-free – ideal for horses with dust allergies.
    • A natural alternative to hay. It is highly palatable.
    • Minimal losses of horse feed when fed.
    • Every bag guaranteed – batch numbered for traceability.
    • Our unique packaging offers long shelf life with no waste …

  • Equine Products , Feedstuffs

    FibreGold Horse Mix 13% 25kg Bag

    FibreGold Cool Horse Mix is a 13% protein mix, made without oats. The ration is design for horses in training or doing hardwork. Formulated with proteins and minerals to ensure you receive a top performance from your horse.


    • 13% crude protein
    • Designed to be palatable for your horse to give optimal performance
    • Highly digestible with flaked ingredients
    • Rolled cereals to …