FibreGold Horse Mix 13% 20kg Bag

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FibreGold Cool Horse Mix is a 13% protein mix, made with oats. The ration is design for horses in training or doing hardwork. Formulated with proteins and minerals to ensure you receive a top performance from your horse.


  • 13% crude protein
  • Designed to be palatable for your horse to give optimal performance
  • Highly digestible with flaked ingredients
  • Rolled cereals to ensure steady energy release
  • Helps maintain a stable PH in the stomach
  • Boosts intake to compensate for low protein forages


Complementary feed in conjunction with high quality forages. Ensure animals always have access to clean drinking water. Do not feed to sheep.

Additional information

Weight 20 kg
Select Bags or Full Pallets

Bags, 70 Bag Pallet


Rolled Oats, Flaked Maize**, Rolled Barley, Soya Hulls*, Soya Bean Meal*, Molasses, Horse minerals.

* Produced from genetically modified soya beans     ** Produced from genetically modified maize

Packaging Information

Available in handy 20kg bags for clean transport and safe storage.

Maximum 70 bags per pallet Also available in bulk from our yard.

FibreGold Horse Mix is advised to be fed alongside FibreGold Haylage