FibreGold Calf Starter 18%

10.00 per bag

Our FibreGold Calf Starter is the ideal complete diet for young calves. It contains a unique combination of ingredients including meal, haylage, alfalfa, and chopped straw. It gives calves the right minerals and vitamins while providing the necessary scratch factor.

Why use FibreGold Calf Starter:

  • Formulated for palatability to promote intake
  • Boosts rumen development and growth from an early age
  • Includes Acid Buf, improving rumen functioning
  • Balanced with fibre comprising of haylage and dust extracted chopped straw
  • Can be fed from day 1 to weaning
  • Limits the incidence of upset stomach from birth to weaning
  • Many of the ingredients are grown on our farm, therefore fully traceable


FibreGold Calf Starter is a meal and fibre combination with a balanced mix of soluble sugars and fibre for optimum rumen and papillae development and the generation of essential volatile fatty acids.

A complete feed for calves and weanlings. Feed up to 2.5kg per 100kg bodyweight daily. Ensure animals always have access to clean drinking water. Do not feed to sheep. Can be fed alongside both whole milk and milk replacer.

Additional information

Weight 25 kg


Soya Bean Meal (Dehulled)*, Flaked Maize**, Barley, Soya Hulls*, Molasses (Cane), Distillers Dried Grains (Wheat), Beet Pulp, Lucerne Hay, Haylage, Wheaten Straw

* Produced from genetically modified soya beans     ** Produced from genetically modified maize

Packaging Information

Available in handy 25kg bags for clean transport and safe storage.

Maximum 56 bales per pallet

FibreGold Calf Starter can then be followed on by our FibreGold Calf and Yearling 16% ration